I suddenly have mind power

Five strange things happened to me this morning.

Superhero mind powers fixes Farmers Market sign

1) Farmers Market Sign

I lived across from the same old “Farmers Market” building for 8 years. It’s not really a Farmers Market, as it’s more a shack. A couple months ago someone bought the property and has been renovating it. Early this week I was thinking about how it would be cool if they renovated the retro Farmers Market sign. And this morning a guy was on a ladder fixing it! Mind power. I thought about it, and it happened!

Jedi mind powers makes garbage truck stalk me

2) Stalker garbage truck

A stinky garbage truck passed me in the alley. It was a big stinkeroo. I stood in Giddings Plaza to take a photo of the word “CHICAGO” written in chalk on the brick pavers. But I almost didn’t take the photo, because I was thinking, “Gee, this stink is SO BAD.” I continue my normal walk to the train station, and the very same garbage truck passes me by on another street! Stalker garbage truck! The truck read my mind and crossed my path again! Jedi mind powers!


3) Sanitation Control Vehicles

Just yesterday a friend and I were talking about garbage trucks! He came up with a new name for them, Sanitation Control Vehicles. Oddly enough that phrase never existed on the internet. And then today a Sanitation Control Vehicle decided to stalk me.

Psychic mind powers able to push elevator buttons

4) Ability to push buttons with my mind

I walk from the Tribune Tower lobby to the elevators and a guy walks out, so I grab the door and hop in. Nobody else is in the elevator, but MY very floor button is already pushed! Floor 14. I exclaimed, “Sweet! Wow!” I MUST have used psychic mind powers to push that button, and I didn’t even realize it. Is that dangerous to have this mind ability and not even realize it with your own mind?

Superhuman mind powers of duplication

5) Tripod duplication

All this time during my commute I was carrying a tripod with me. I get to work, and there’s a tripod on the ground already. What! How did another tripod get there? Then I realized my dad loaned me two tripods, but for a couple seconds I thought my mind created a duplicate tripod on the ground. Answer? Superhuman mind powers of duplication.

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Leigh Hanlon
12 years ago

And get this: Later on, another employee and I approach Matt’s desk and ask him how long he’s had those tripods and he says a season or two and then this old guy says they’re for sale if we want them, but I decide, no, those aren’t the tripods we’re looking for and I tell Matt to move along, move along.

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

The more aware of your surroundings you are and the more open you are to having such experiences, the more frequently they will happen. It’s called “mind over matter” and is one of the rules of the universe. I’ve touched door handles and have seen right through the door (the last time was when there was a colored, folded piece of paper (a notice from the building management) tucked in the door handle on the other side of the door. I touched the handle and I saw right through the door and the folded piece of paper. When I opened the door, there is was, just as I had seen it before opening the door. Exactly.)

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

YOU’RE a super hero! (oh, and I’m not a villian, let alone a super villian 😉

Eliana Briones
Eliana Briones
12 years ago

oh…oh…do me! do me!..I love crazy stuff!

Eliana Briones
Eliana Briones
12 years ago

Well…I am really good at math…does that count? that and bending silverware. 🙂

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