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I visit museums because ______________.

I visit museums because _____________.

How would you fill in the blank to this sentence? I visit museums because ______________.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago asked this on their Facebook Page. Here’s some of the 40+ responses:

  • They make me dream and fly
    (by Juliana Paucar)
  • Because they are a MUSE for me. MUSE SEE UM! : )
    (by Erik K. Johnson)
  • I need a place to sit down.
    (by JP Ramirezy)
  • to 1) encounter new and different things 2) for conversations between paintings (meaning both having conversations with people about the paintings, but the actual paintings having conversations with each other)
    (by Matt Maldre)

How would you fill in the blank? I visit museums because ______________. Feel free to respond via Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

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