Ice cream shop life lessons

A few life lessons I learned while working at an ice cream shop, the Yogurt Oasis, during college summers:

  1. Don’t ever put gummy bears into the ice cream; they get very cold and hard. Therefore the hard gummies become difficult to chew.
  2. When sticking your head under the frozen yogurt machine and filling your mouth with frozen yogurt, only do this in short quick spurts. If you fill up your mouth with too much ice cream at once, you’ll get the world’s worst ice cream headache.
  3. Don’t ever get strawberry dressing toppings at an ice cream shop. You don’t know what has been in there.
  4. Ice cream is the food of the masses. A wide range of people come in to get ice cream. Some are nice and polite. Some goofy. Some rooty. Some tooty. Some rocky. Some vanilla. Some double-mocca chocolate.
  5. Don’t leave a plastic spoon in the cup when you are making a Hurricane (generic version of Blizzard)
  6. Pray for rain all the time. It gives Yogurt Oasis workers more time to goof around.
  7. Always fill customers’ cup/cone higher than the person you’re working with. It makes you look better.
  8. Whenever there is cookie dough in two-gallon tubs available, eat as much as humanly possible and tell the boss, “geez, people really like to order cookie dough blizzards.”
  9. Use the vanilla frozen yogurt when battling in a frozen-yogurt-throwing-war.
  10. Customers don’t come in as often when you have the “Closed” sign displayed.

My twin brother Erik wrote a bunch of these. (He worked there for three summers, I worked there for two summers)

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20 years ago

Thanks for the strawberry head’s up. Ice cream sounds gooooooood right about now.

Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

This entry made me smile 🙂 Thanks! By the way, is there a difference between a Frozen Yogurt Headache and an Ice Cream Headache?

20 years ago

I think frozen yogurt takes longer to melt in your mouth then ice cream, so maybe a frozen yogurt headache would be more cloyingly painful.

20 years ago

Would that be the “Yogurt O” at Ohio State? When did you work there?

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

i’m laughing, reading this again!

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

You’re kidding, right? I LOVE caramel! Doesn’t the ice cream scoop stir the caramel when somebody orders it in order to incorporate the skin and have it melt back into the sauce?

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