IDEA: A program to find available custom phone numbers

Let’s say you want your new phone number to spell something specific. For instance, I want mine to be 778-3278 which spells SPUDART. Now I would need an area code where that phone number is available through a cellular provider. There should be some online application where one can type in a phone number and see what area codes are available for 778-3278 and which providers have that phone number available.

That would simply RAWWWWWWK.

For starters, one can do this semi-manually. Here’s how. Within 778-3278, the first three digits (778) are called the prefix. Sometimes the prefix for an area code is given to a cell phone company. Sometimes it’s given to a local telephone service. For instance the area code 847 says that the 778 prefix is assigned to a cell phone company. While the 219 area code has 778 assigned only to people who live in Rolling Prairie.

You can go to: and search through all three hundred twenty-eight area codes and see which area codes have the your desired prefix assigned to a cell phone company. Armed with that information, I guess you can call the top five cell phone companies and see if they have your number available. Sounds like a lot of work? Yeah, no crap. That’s why this application idea would RAWWWWWWWWK.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

I like this idea, but don’t you have to go to the wireless store of your choice to get your number and get your phone activated anyway? When I first got my phone I asked the woman behind the counter if 866-8665 was available. It wasn’t. Oh well, I didn’t have any other ideas for a number that spelled something that I wanted or would make sense to people trying to remember my phone number.

Ambuj Saxena
Ambuj Saxena
12 years ago

I tried entering my own phone numbers, and the service said they all are available. Looks like fraud to me.

11 years ago

Hmmm…. why not just call the number you want and see if the number is disconnected? If it is…. buy it?

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