IDEA: National water network

Too much water in some places, not enough water in other places. Memphis is flooded. While Texas is in drought. Don’t we live in America where innovation rules? We are able to send electricity over large regions. We have the internet that connects all computers in all households. We have cable TV available almost everywhere. But what about water?

Why not have a national water network? Water is essential for life. If you think we’d have tubes connecting everything together, it would be for water. Take all the money spent on floods and dry crops, that’s gotta be a lot of recovery money that we spend. Let’s invest that in a National water system and let the water flow.

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13 years ago

My neighbor feels very strongly about this. He’s in the concrete biz and he thinks it can be done. He has spoken to engineers about this and the engineers don’t share his vision. Look at the Roman Empire. Their success hinged directly on their water network.

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