Ideas on how to improve the Pace bus service


Let’s admit it. The Pace bus service in Chicago isn’t really all that popular. You always see only one guy riding on the bus, Mr. Pace. Here’s seven suggestions on how Pace can improve their bus service.

1) Pen cups
To increase ridership they need to include cups of pens on every bus. I can’t tell you how many times i wish i had a pen with me on the bus, but i didn’t. And then i look on the floor for a loose pen. And i NEVER find one. Pen cups, filled with pens. Man. I’d love that. (or pencil benches)

2) Drink beer on the Pace

3) Helping people with wasp stings
What is the procedure when someone gets stung by a wasp on a Pace bus?

4) Outfits
The drivers need to wear fun cute outfits. Kinda like a train conductor outfit, but for bus drivers

5) Trader Joe’s cashier rule
Pace should employ the Trader Joe’s cashier rule. The cashiers at Trader Joe’s are supposed to ask you two questions while they are checking you out. It doesn’t matter what the questions are. The first one could simply be, “how are you?” But they have to ask two questions. So then the bus driver has to ask each rider two questions. That would be friendly. Just like the Trader Joe’s employees.

6) Get a new logo
That Pace logo is awful. What font is that? Something from the middle of the 70s. Hmm. Last time I checked we are in the 10’s. Not the 70s. If you are going to have a 70s logo, at least have one that’s rad like San Francisco’s MUNI.

7) Google Plus
Do something with Google Plus, like Pace Plus. And i’m not talking about making a Google Branded Page. I’m talking about your own sort of social media platform. I have no idea what this is, but something with how you can have like, social media and bus riding–combined.

What do you think the Pace bus service should do to improve? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
12 years ago

As a childhood wasp sting victim, I remember my grandmother made a paste of baking soda and water, then covered it with a bandage. That was a very effective (and environmentally friendly!) remedy. I propose an addendum to your third point to include baking soda-and-water paste stations for wasp stings.

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
12 years ago

Another insect sting tip: If you happen to be stung on your finger by a bee or wasp while wearing a ring…and your finger starts to swell, resulting in loss of circulation to that finger…and you can’t get the ring off because of the aforementioned swelling (!!), I recommend taking a trip to your neighborhood fire department. They will cut the ring off for you free of charge! This is a great solution for a few reasons: 1. It beats taking a trip to the emergency room. 2. It’s free! 3. You get to know your neighborhood heroes! 4. You give the firemen something to do during down time! My dad thought of this remedy when I experienced such a sting in high school. A flock of four or five firemen came out of nowhere, surrounded my swelling finger and swiftly and painlessly cut the ring off!

12 years ago

I just don’t understand why the Pace buses are so big. Why don’t they drive vans? A van would get around town much faster than a clunky slow bus. They would get infinitely better gas mileage out of vans, too.

12 years ago

And if they drove vans, then they can have a larger fleet of vehicles thus giving more frequent service. I think a lot of people who consider taking Pace decide not to because the schedules are terrible.

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