If planets were cars

The fastest planet in our solar system is Mercury, flying around the sun at 107,082 mph. Can you imagine having the windows open while driving at 107,082 mph?

Neptune is the Sunday driver of our solar system. 12,191mph. If you knock off the last three digits, it’s equivalent to driving a car. With that method, Earth would be about 67 mph. Yup, that sounds about right for earthlings.

Jupiter is the big rig. Road hog. Huge. Chugging along at 29 mph. Saturn is a school bus. On the big side. Full of fun. Driving at a careful 21 mph. Uranus is a bicycle at 15 mph, always lifting it’s butt off the seat.

Here’s all the planet orbit speeds around the sun in miles per hour:

Mercury: 107,082 MPH

Venus: 78,350 MPH

Earth: 66,630 MPH

Mars: 54,000 MPH

Jupiter: 29,240 MPH

Saturn: 21,640 MPH

Uranus: 15,290 MPH

Neptune: 12,250 MPH

Pluto: 10,700 MPH

And yes, I am including Pluto as a planet. Go suck it you tightwad planetites.

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