“If you have a large stomach” -McDonalds Adult Happy Meal

Today I bought a McDonalds Adult Happy Meal. It has a salad, Dasani water, a Stepometer with instructions, and “Step with It!” a walking program by Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer.

The instructions stated something rather humorous: “2. Make sure the Stepometer is worn on your waistband in line with the front center of your leg and is not located on the side or titled. If you have a large stomach, try placing the Stepometer on the side of your hip.”

Check this scan of the instructions. (with my highlighting)

“If you have a large stomach”! I’m glad McDonalds is recognizing that a good section of their audience is overweight. But hey, good for them! They are trying to help out those that need to be more healthy.

Also of side note, the Adult Happy Meal did NOT come in it’s own cute little box. Instead, the employees fulfilling my order had to pick up the pieces from several different places. But at least the water was very cold.

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18 years ago

“he employees fulfilling my order had to pick up the pieces from several different places. ” huh? the pieces? you mean your food assortment? i don’t get it.

18 years ago

“place it on the side of your hip?” but they just say that it should “not located on the side or titled”. so non-fat people can’t have this thing on their side, but fat people can?

laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

how much did this thing cost?

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I used to sell “step-o-meters” but back in the day, they were called pedometers. I guess people are too dumb these days to recognize the root word “ped” … in any case … Does the marketing team at McDonald’s really believe that people “with large stomachs” are at McDonald’s for the new Adult Happy Meal? I think McDonald’s is going after people who are already active or watch what they eat in an attempt to get them to change their minds about what McDonald’s offers. People “with large stomachs” are still going to get the Quarter Pounder Extra Value Meal … Supersized of course … 😛 $5.50 is a great price for a pedometer. How’s the quality?

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