IKEA is a mystery with their 404 painted in a corner

The mystery of IKEA

Many questions arise from the image featured on IKEA’s Page not found 404 error.” If that person is painting with red paint, why is there white paint on the jeans? Very perplexing.

That person didn’t paint that floor. Someone else did. And cornered that person with the white-painted jeans. The white-painted jeans person just stood and watched while being cornered.

But then, where is the person who painted the red paint?

And why is there no broom handle for the paint roller? If you are painting your floor, wouldn’t you want to use a longer handle?

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11 years ago

it’s also really weird how much red paint is on the outside of the can. When you pour paint from a can into a tray, you will get paint on the side of the can. If this person painted from the can, then why is there all that paint on the outside of the can? That makes no sense. Or maybe they painted from the tray and someone took the tray away.

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