Imagine 45,000 people shopping in your neighborhood on one day

50% off for Chicago Marathon runners

45,000 people ask this question: What’s there to do the day after a marathon? You accomplished a huge feat. You want to reward yourself. Chicago stores should offer a 1/2 off discount for people with a Chicago marathon bib.

Better yet, all the stores in one Chicago neighborhood should gather together and offer a unified 1/2 off deal. Encourage all those people who registered for the marathon to come to your neighborhood.

Marathon runners are a dedicated bunch that looooove their sport. A neighborhood that shows appreciation for the runners would certainly touch them with this show of gratitude for their achievement. A unified effort by stores in one neighborhood would make it easy to answer the question of what to do the day after the marathon.

Now, which neighborhood should do this? A few ideas:

  1. It should be a neighborhood along the marathon route. The runners are already emotionally tied to that area. Plus, it only makes logistical sense to have it in one of the route neighborhoods, because there can be signs along the route advertising the 1/2 off sale. Runners would certainly say, “hey, remember when we ran through Pilsen? There were all those signs for a marathon sale.”
  2. The neighborhood definitely needs a running store. To attract runners, you need to offer them what they want.
  3. It would also be great if the neighborhood is known for running. Areas like Lakeview with the lake path is a great fit.
  4. A neighborhood with lots of vegetarian and healthy eating options. These are runners. They like to eat healthy.
  5. The neighborhood should be easily accessible by public transit. The day after a marathon, I don’t imagine the runners taking a jog down to the neighborhood.

Lakeview seems to be the obvious choice here. But that neighborhood already gets so much attention. Another area could really use the push. Pilsen? But I don’t think of Pilsen as a running area. Is it?

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