Indexing the world’s art

When I look at my 63 art projects, it seems like a lot. Lots of art across a variety of things. 

Art project list

Yup, I just shared my complete list of art projects—both projects that are public, and the projects that are in concept stage.

  1. Barely anyone knows about this work.
  2. Barely anyone makes work like this.
  3. Many of these are just ideas, the work hasn’t been made yet.

I haven’t been the best at promoting my work. But I’d love for more people to know about it. To simply appreciate it. And I’d love for more people to make art like this. Imagine if more people made wire people on a swing. That would be totally rad. 

I could make a site that encourages people to make swinging wire people. Then somehow easily add it to the master database of art

Is there a master database of art?

Everything creative online is so fractured. How do you find things across all the platforms? Instagram has tags, but you can’t search multiple words on Instagram. Their search is limited to a single tag. Discoverability and search on Instagram is quite poor. 

I have a desire to tag and organize all the art in the world. What if I had a wiki or something that would index everything. Or would this be done via some system like XML? 

This would index the art of REAL people. Anybody. It’s tempting to index the art in museums, because there’s so much art in museums, and a lot of it probably already has a rich set of data already associated to the art. But I want the art of everyone. Not just the museums. Not just the galleries. 

I googled: system to index all art. The results are interesting:

  • Indexing Art Information – The Getty” (PDF)
    • Digging around Getty’s metadata vocabularies, there’s so much stuff! Oh man. Like this, Linked Open Data Cloud. I will be blogging more about this.
  • Blog post, “The Art of Personal Indexing: The Complete Guide to Indexing Your Paper
    • Man. Lots of interesting stuff on his site! 
      • “The Best of Random Thoughts” A chaotic collection of quotations, anecdotes, incidents, complaints, ideas, thoughts, and just about everything else that anybody would think to record
      • “Close Reading & Comparative Assignment”
      • Super cool keyboard for typing stuff
        • It’s an AlphaSmart 3000, but if you looked at the picture you saw that. It’s sort of a cross between those typewriters with screens and a laptop; officially it’s called a portable word processor. You type on it, then wire it to a computer via USB and it acts as a keyboard and inputs your file.
    • Blog post includes link to: 
  • National Art Index 
    • After 10 years of research and publication, the National Arts Index report by Americans for the Arts concludes this initiative. This report is the last in the series. The National Arts Index was developed to help people understand the breadth of the arts, and how they change over time. What set it apart from other research initiatives was its focus on the entire arts system—nonprofit and for-profit organizations, individual artists, funding and investment, employment, attendance and personal creation, and much more—81 national-level indicators tracked for more than a decade. The National Arts Index was one of the first annual “big data” enterprises that focused solely on the arts. The Index called attention to new trends as well as provided data for what had previously only been observed (read all about it in the new report summary!).

Where do you find everyday art these days? 

A rough beginning list of me brainstorming a list of websites where you can find art by artists outside of museums and galleries.

Place anyone can upload (sites that sell stuff)

Personal showcase

  • Deviantart
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Other people discovering art

This blog post is a loose collection of thoughts. In efforts to share more, I’m trying to blog more about what I’m thinking. I will be fleshing out these thoughts more in future blog posts.

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