Instagram no longer shows recent photos for a hashtag search

Since when did Instagram stop showing “recent photos” for a search? When I do a search on Instagram, it shows only “top posts.” What if I want to come back tomorrow and see new posts for a particular search? I can’t do that anymore. It only shows the top posts. The same stuff! I don’t want to come back to that hashtag a day later and see repeated posts.

According to a Reddit post, Instagram removed “recent photo” 10 months ago. I haven’t used Instagram much in the past few years. It’s truly a bad platform for sharing and discovering photos.

For instance, today I was checking out an old bookmark for #blackwingpencils. I liked seeing what people were drawing using their Blackwing-branded pencils. I’m a Blackwing fan myself, so it’s cool to see what’s happening in the community. But man. There are only top posts for that hashtag.

Also, the notion of “searching” on Instagram is quite misleading. You can’t search ANYTHING. You can only look up hashtags. Hashtags are mashed-up words into one exact phrase. You can’t search for separate words. *shakes head* Instagram is truly an awful platform. If I’m looking to share photos, where do I go? Flickr? That site has great features (blows Instagram out of the water). But Flickr doesn’t feel current anymore.

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Erik M
21 days ago

Not only does Instagram sort only by “Most Popular” and not “Most Recent”, but they only show the top 9 or 12 most popular. (I’ve found the number fluctuates a bit).

To get more results on Instagram, use the following hack. Put this url in your browser and add your search term after the equals sign.

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