Instagram’s “top post” versus Flickr’s “most interesting”

My photo of the tulips with a Harris Shutter is currently the “top post” for the Instagram hashtag #colurfultulips. Pretty neat.

As much as I rail against Instagram, their “top post” feature is pretty nice. Search for a hashtag, and Instagram will show the top nine results. This selection of nine photos is based on photo popularity AND time. After a while, images will drop out of the “top post” to allow others to reign at top.

Search for anything on Flickr, and you can choose to sort the results by “interesting”. There is no nine-photo limit for how many images appear. And Flickr’s “interesting” score is for all-time.

Although, in Flickr you can set a time parameter for any length of time you wish. Here’s Flickr’s most interesting “colorful tulip” photos from April 4 to May 4, 2018.

colorful tulips flickr most interesting 2018

So in a way, with custom dates and unlimited results, Flickr’s “interesting” feature is still better than Instagram’s “top post”. It’s just that Instagram’s version is quicker to access.

Which, really is the story behind Flickr vs Instagram. Flickr has A TON MORE features, but Instagram can be simpler to use.

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