International Space Station or Millennium Falcon?

Is that the Millennium Falcon orbiting around Earth?

The International Space Station’s “window to the world,” the seven-windowed cupola, is pictured from a window on Russia’s newest addition to the orbiting lab, the Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory Module. (via nasa2explore flickr)

For a brief moment when I saw this image of the International Space Station, it reminded me of my Millennium Falcon photos.

Both have lots of little gadgets and gizmos attached to the surface. Both have distinct black shapes against a white background.

Yeah, the ISS is much more white and clean than Hans Solo’s dingy freighter. And the ISS’s black shapes are windows, whereas on the Falcon they are exhaust ports.

I just love that looking at a real-life space vehicle made me think of theMillennium Falcon photos.

Years ago, I had the luck to be visiting the Orlando Science Center when they had a Star Wars exhibit up. The show was completely empty. Literally. Not a soul was there. Must have been the middle of the week, I guess. I spent hours inside photographing everything. I shot so much that my iPhone battery died. Thankfully, I was able to recharge it via a wall outlet inside the show.

I still need to post my photos from that 2012 show. But for now, here’s my close-up shots of the Millennium Falcon. And for fun, a quick combination of the International Space Station and the Millennium Falcon.

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