Interpreting a yellow painting of a dog in Panera

Questions surround this painting

A dog sits in a kitchen and smells unseen fresh bread. He patiently waits for this delicious treat.

For the past couple of hours here at Panera, I’ve been looking up at the painting, appreciating how the yellow in the painting matches the yellow Panera wall. It’s almost as though the painting is a mini mural.

Curious about the artist behind the dog painting in Panera, I took a photo of the painting and did a reverse Google Image search.

Reverse Google Image search Panera bread dog

The only result on Google is a blog post about a day trip by a mother and her young daughter. The mother and daughter interpret the painting, “The dog did, indeed, get the bread–without breaking a dish—and without getting caught.” The internet is a great place to discover stories like this while sitting in the same booth.

The identity of the artist remains a mystery. [Update: the artist is found. See the update at the bottom of this blog post]. I like the Hopper-esque qualities of the painting with its simplicity of the scene, single character, flash washes of monochromatic color, and delicate shadows. The dog himself almost appears as a shadow and a formal element in the painting. His nose pointing upwards aligns with the right edge of the painting. The desired bread is unseen to the dog but seen by the viewer, giving the viewer an inside scoop on the story.

If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know. This painting is a print on canvas, so it seems like something that many other Panera restaurants might also have hanging.

If you’d like to do a Google image search for this painting, feel free to search on this image:

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Update nine years later

The artist for this painting is Bryan Sears. He found this blog post and commented that he is the artist. Bryan commented, “My Name is Bryan Sears — I painted this in 2006(?) as a series of paintings for Panera. The original was sold years ago, it was about 24×36.”

Check out his paintings at You’ll see that he is indeed the artist, because his style matches the one in the painting. His site features a couple of his paintings for Panera.

Spread Dog in Kitchen” is the painting of the dog in this blog post. And “Spread Bread 2” with levitating bread over a sink. (He doesn’t list the titles for each painting, so these are the filenames of the JPG files on his site).

The work experience on his site states that he graduated with a BFA in Design and Illustration in 2005 from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. This would mean he did these paintings for Panera the year after graduating.

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Our Country Road
9 years ago

This is fun!! Now you have me curious if we sat in the same booth. It’s a neat painting! Thank you for sharing your post!

Rita R. Graham
9 years ago

this dog looks just my my dog who passed last year. check out my latest post on facebook! you’ll see a drawing i did years ago of her. i need to find out who did this painting!

Jacqueline Untiedt
9 years ago

I have been scrolling through google for an hour now searching for this very painting or print. I also saw this at a Panera and have had it in the back of my mind ever since. The only place I have found it is on your blog. I think I am coming to the conclusion that this was a contracted piece made exclusively for Panera & it is not allowed to be sold anyplace else. much to my dismay)

Clark Gina
8 years ago

I would love to buy this painting! I called Corporate Panera and they said they do not sell their art.

7 years ago

I am desperate to find this painting. That’s my dog!!!

6 years ago

I am in love with this painting as well…it looks like my first dog, a cocker spaniel whose infamous Thanksgiving escapade was to leap over the arm of the chair in which my sis in law was sitting, snag the crescent roll off the edge of her plate without disrupting anything else (which likely was sheer good fortune) and continue through the family room and kitchen without breaking stride, to consume her prize under the kitchen table. The Bread Co in Westport has this picture.

6 years ago

Hello. I too am intrigued by this art and tried to purchase or inquire thru my local Panera and their headquarters with no success. Did you discover the name of the artist or where it can be purchased? Thank you.

Jennifer Reed
6 years ago

I have seen this canvas in Paneras in both Nebraska and Missouri. I also tried both emailing and calling corporate to find the artist. No luck. Hope the artist someday sees a post and steps forward!

7 months ago
Reply to  Jennifer Reed

Here I am. What a thrill, I am so happy that you all appreciate my work!

Last edited 7 months ago by Bryan
5 years ago

Not the best painting there. You should check out the painting of the floating loaf of bread. It really fucked with my head

7 months ago
Reply to  Kim

I did that one too I think

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