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iPhone app: A Closer Look in the Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute released an app that explores nine artworks on display in the modern wing. Each artwork has several mini factoids and videos uncovering specific details about the background behind the work.

Screenshot of Art Instititute iPhone app named, A Closer Look

The free app, “A Closer Look in the Art Institute of Chicago,” is a move in the right direction for the Art Institute. Giving viewers more ways to become familiar with their artworks makes visitors more engaged.

To truly engage visitors, I’d love for this app to have a feature called “visitor comments.” I would love to read what others have to say about the artworks featured in this app. For instance, there might be some great user-generated thoughts about Kandinsky’s “Improvisation No. 30”

The most engaged museum visitors are those inspired by the exhibits. Why not let people share how the artwork inspired them? Perhaps there might be stories about how an artwork inspired someone to travel to another country. Another artwork might have caused someone to start painting. Maybe a series of artworks were specifically created in reaction to the artworks on display at the Art Institute. I’d love to see other people’s interpretations with these works we find so familiar.

In 2011, I paired up autographs on baseball cards next to paintings with matching aesthetics. Imagine discovering that while using the Art Institute’s iPhone app in their galleries!
Hentri Matisse, “Bathers by a River”

Matisse: Bathers by a River, iPhone

Marcel Duchamp, “Hat Rack”

Duchamp: Hat Rack, iPhone

Vasily Kandinsky, “Improvisation N. 30”

Vasily Kandinsky, Improvisation N. 30, iPhone

Kazimir Malevich, “Painterly Realism of a Football Player”

Kazimir Malevich, Painterly Realism of a Football Player, iPhone

Pablo Picasso, “The Red Armchair”

Pablo Picasso, The Red Armchair, iPhone

Constantin Brancusi, “Golden Bird”

<br><br>Constantin Brancusi, Golden Bird, iPhone

Roberto Matta, “The Earth Is a Man”

Roberto Matta, The Earth Is a Man, iPhone

Marc Chagall, “White Crucifixion”

Marc Chagall, White Crucifixion, iPhone

Joseph Cornell, “Untitled (Forgotten Game)”

Joseph Cornell,

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