iPhone data usage

How much data do you use on your phone? I’m making this blog post to keep track of my data usage on my iPhone with AT&T.


Seeing that this is a blog about art, maybe I should do something artistic with it. Should I make stacks of pennies where each penny is a megabyte? Or maybe I should eat the same number of dark chocolate peanut m&m’s for each megabyte.

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11 years ago

What happened in March?

11 years ago

I wish I could see a chart of mine. I could when I used Sprint, but Virgin Mobile just shows a bar that says “Unlimited” if I go to check usage. Great, I know it’s unlimited, but I’d like to know how much I used.

11 years ago

Aren’t you also on an unlimited plan? Suggesting that I chart my limit rather than usage seems like you want to destroy your own post. Why you want to destroy?!

9 years ago

why the drastic jump from Feb 11 to Mar 11?

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