Is Geocities really dead?

Oh Geocities. I miss my Geocities site. One of these days I’ll have to check my floppy disk archives to see if I have it tucked away like a hidden city.

My URLs were:

My brother had one:

I like how you would pick your neighborhood based on your interests. Erik and I choose SoHo, because that was the neighborhood for “Art and Writing.” has a list that describes all the different neigbhorhoods. They also have a decent partial archive of Geocities pages. But alas, Erik’s and my pages are not archived there.

Here’s the list of neighborhoods:

  1. Area51 ::: Science fiction & fantasy
  2. Athens ::: Teaching, education, philosophy, reading, writing
  3. Augusta ::: Golf
  4. Baja ::: Off-road & adventure travel
  5. BourbonStreet ::: Jazz, New Orleans, Cajun food, Southern United States topics
  6. CapeCanaveral ::: Science, mathematics, aviation, technology, engineering,
  7. CapitolHill ::: Government and Politics
  8. CollegePark ::: University life
  9. Colosseum ::: Athletics & sports
  10. EnchantedForest ::: Topics of interest to children
  11. Hollywood ::: Films and actors
  12. MotorCity ::: Automobiles & racing
  13. NapaValley ::: Wine
  14. Nashville ::: Country music
  15. Petsburgh ::: Pets
  16. Pipeline ::: Extreme sports
  17. RainForest ::: Conservation
  18. ResearchTriangle ::: Research & Development, technology
  19. SiliconValley ::: Computers, programming, hardware & technology
  20. SoHo ::: Art and writing
  21. SunsetStrip ::: Music like blues, punk rock & rock n roll, grunge
  22. TimesSquare ::: Computer & video games
  23. TelevisionCity ::: Television
  24. Tokyo ::: Far East
  25. Vienna ::: Ballet, opera & classical music
  26. Yosemite ::: Outdoor sports/recreation, climbing, skiing, hiking, rafting

It’s also fun that another Geocities archive project,, asks the following: %%title%%

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Yes sir! Geocities has been dead for a while I’m afraid My site started out on Geocities (I’m sure you could find a waybakmachine screen grab of it, maybe)

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