Is it gross to put an open yogurt back into the work fridge?

You open a yogurt, but then let it sit on your desk and it gets warm after 30 minutes. Is it gross to put it back into the work fridge to let it cool off?

Sparxmind said it’s only gross if you forget about it. And what’s more gross is if you come back and there’s less yogurt in it.

Ew! You know what would be more gross? If you came back and there was MORE yogurt in it. You might ask, “how could that happen?” Let me tell you. The yogurt is alive and growing. It’s yogurt. Active cultures. Once you peel that seal, that sucker comes back to life. You never see it coming to life, because the room temperature tempers it’s growth. But if you put an unsealed yogurt into the fridge, it becomes a monster.

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