IWU: Push past the boundaries of your creativity

My four years as an art major at Illinois Wesleyan University were some of the best years of my life. The students and professors taught me how to think critically as an artist. We weren’t just technical drones producing work, we were deep in theory, analysis, and critiques of our work. To this day, my education at IWU influences my work as an artist, designer, and person of this world.

To continue this spirit of helping and learning, I continue to moderate a Facebook Group for IWU art alumni and students (before Facebook, it was a website, artiwu.org).

Whenever the School of Art is featured in any sort of IWU materials, I get excited to see how they are positioning the school. Recently IWU released a recruitment brochure called, “Breakthrough”. The School of Art is featured on page 29 (in the digital edition on Issuu).

As with things digital, we don’t know how long they’ll remain online. Therefore, I’m archiving this page here with a screenshot and the text.

IWU Breakthrough recruiting viewbook: page 29 School of Art

Push past the boundaries of your creativity

Will you recreate, or be the artist who creates aesthetic expressions that move and inspire?

Close your eyes and picture your next four years. Do they include the opportunities to draw, paint, design, create ceramics, sculpt, photograph, blow glass or make prints? In the Ames School of Art, the study and pursuit of art comes alive with the whir of a blowtorch, the aroma of inks and paints and the subtle quiet of the Merwin and Wakeley Galleries.

Set your creativity free in our blend of cutting edge studio classrooms, semi-private studios, and modern graphic design computer lab. Our faculty are talented artists in their own right, and with an average class size of 10, their mentorship and guidance is only as far away as your easel.


“As an art student you become very close with the professors in the department; there’s a strong sense of community. Everyone wants to see each other improve and succeed, especially your professors. They are the biggest help in broadening your artistic horizons and helping improve your skill and mindset in your work.”
— Rebecca Kordas ’20 IWU MAJOR: Art

“Coming in Undeclared as a freshman, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the art department when I declared a Graphic Design major, but it exceeded all of my expectations! I love how caring and involved all of my professors are, and how they truly allow me to be myself.”
— Emily Chapman ’19 IWU MAJOR: Graphic Design

It all sounds pretty much like when I was at IWU from 1993 to 1997. The professors have mostly changed since then. And we didn’t have glass blowing classes, but the quotes from the two students are spot on. Everyone is totally focused on helping each other improve. The professors encouraged us to explore when we were still young–to not get pigeon-holed into a certain style. We experimented with a wide variety of ideas and materials. The strong sense of community is what inspires me to continue to connect all the art alumni and students together to this day.

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