Joe Martin folder

This piece appears in the 2003 Graphic USA Design Annual.

Joe Martin creates three comic strips: Mister Boffo, Cats with Hands, and Willy n’ Ethel. All of the past sales folders we have done for comic strip creators focuses on just one strip. Joe is very eccentric had has three strips, holding the Guinness record for “most prolific cartoonist.”

We developed the idea of having Joe on the cover frantically drawing all three comics at once. Not only would that illustrate the three comics in a cohesive manner, it also is humorous and brings in Joe. I received black and white artwork for the cover and I did all the coloring. Researching how comic books are colored brought a pop to this cover instead of just coloring it in normal flats.

From experience, I know that a CYMK red is very flat, so to make the red really sing, a spot Pantone 186 was used. It was a tricky production, because this is a four color process with the spot color. Working closely with the printer I set up a separate file for the spot, and even did the trapping. A lesson for sure here. 😉 And very well worth it, a solid awesome piece that made it into the 2003 Graphic USA Design Annual.

I also especially love the back of the piece where Joe’s head is floating inside the burst with one of this cat characters flying a plane with the Guinness banner.

Tribune Media Services: News & Features department

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