Join my 2004 “Beat the Streak” league

I just created a “Beat the Streak” league on Major League Baseball’s website. It’s really easy to do.

How to Play:

1) Your mission is to break Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak.

2) Pick one player every day. Get a hit, your streak continues. Get no hits, your streak ends and you begin a new one.

3) You can pick any player on any day. The deadline to make your pick is 5 minutes before each day’s first game.

4) Put together the longest hitting streak of the season and win four tickets to the 2005 World Series.

5) Be the first to break Joe D’s 56-game record and win $10,000 in cash.


editor’s comment added later:

This post was for the 2004 game, if you want to join the 2005 game, go to:

League Name: beaters

League Password: iwillwin5

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Matt Mitchell
19 years ago

Hey i am a big baseball nut that wants to play in your league. I will not quit. Please let me in. Thanks.

19 years ago

go yankees!

19 years ago

go yankees!

19 years ago

i can’t believe i can’t string together a 2 game hitting streak in that game. Didn’t i win last year, spud? I got something like 9 games. I don’t think anyone broke 10 games in our league. Though I don’t think we started the league until after the all-star break.

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