Join my 2005 “Beat the Streak” league on MLB

(For 2006’s info, go here.) The goal of Beat the Streak is to put together a hitting streak while making a run at baseball’s legendary hitting records. Choose one player every day who you think will get at least one base hit. If your player gets a hit, your streak is extended. If he fails to get a hit, your streak ends and you can start a new one.

Be the first eligible participant to get a hit in 57 straight games and win $100,000 in cash.

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19 years ago

i haven’t been able to string two a two game hitting streak yet. what’s my problem? I know what it is. I haven’t started Geoff Jenkins yet. I am starting him today. Today will be the first day of my 57 game hitting streak.

Grand Slam
19 years ago

Avid Baseball Fan

19 years ago

everyone will let you down eventually

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