Join my 2006 “Beat the Streak” league on MLB and you could win $20 has a game called Beat the Streak where you try to put together a hitting streak to beat baseball’s legendary record of 56 games. Choose one player every day who you think will get at least one base hit. If your player gets a hit, your streak is extended. If he fails to get a hit, your streak ends and you can start a new one.

Be the first eligible participant to get a hit in 57 straight games and win $100,000 in cash.

Join my Amazing League to see if you can beat me. To get a password, contact me. Make sure you leave your address in the form, so if you win, I can mail you twenty bucks.

I once got an 11-game streak last year. Think you can beat that? If you get first place in the Amazing League, you get $20. It’s totally free to join my league. I’m offering the twenty bucks out of my pocket just to make it interesting. Last year, we had about 10 people in the league.

2001-2005 Beat the Streak Leaders

43 games 2005 Mark Gray

42 games 2005 Tony Deceanne

40 games 2004 Ken D’Introno

40 games 2005 John Quinlan

39 games 2004 Robert Rushton

38 games 2001 Stanley’s Streakers

38 games 2003 Derek Coderre

(Don’t worry, these people were not in the Amazing League. We topped off at something like 13 games)

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18 years ago

yea, i’m really bad at this game. I currently have a four game streak going where I haven’t got a hit. And the four players are quality starters: Andruw Jones, Lyle Overbay, J.D. Drew, and Ichiro Suzuki. Today I have Brad Hawpe going. -dascenzofan

18 years ago

yah and now you are beating me 🙁 i’ll have to surpass you, it would be a shame if you won your own $20

18 years ago

i am not happy. my streak stopped at 5. I originally had Marcus Giles as my pick. He went 2 for 4 yesterday. I should have left things alone. But since i was going to the cubs game yesterday, I figured yesterday morning I would change my pick to a cubs player so i can root them on during the game. I went with Juan Pierre. He went 0 for 5. During the game, I thought that I didn’t actually make the change; that i got distracted by something else and didn’t actually make the switch to pierre. Unfortunately, I did officially go with Pierre. So not only do the cubs lose the game 5-3 with Neifi Perez trying to bunt in the 9th with two outs and runners on 1st and 3rd, but I lose my Beat the Streak streak.

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