Keyboard doodling

When i’m on the phone, instead of doodling, sometimes i like to type random repetitive letters. The f and j fit together rather nicely:


Yes, these are all hand-typed. There are ten ff’s, 23 jj’s, and 389 fj’s. Photoshop says there more than just simple black color in the above screenshot. If we take just one fj and blow it up 600%, we see that there is actually very little black and surprisingly little gray. It’s mostly color.

That’s just rad.


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7 years ago

It would be a nice series if you copied and pasted the patterned letters and just make a giant wallpaper or whatever or fill up a letter-sized sheet. But by typing it manually and intentionally allowing for “errors” in the pattern adds a new dimension while maintaining the pattern, but in redefined ways. That’s good. I wonder how different the colored pixels are built from letter to letter. Like do all the “f”s look exactly the same?

I find my art and even my design (or at least the art and design that I do that interests me the most) bends heavily to minimalism. I love the idea of selling on etsy or ebay this repeated letter scheme printed out on letter-sized paper. That would be a tough sell, but it always amazes me at the complete and utter lack of pure conceptual art with minimalist bends found on ebay and etsy.

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