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Kirk Vuillemot, the Art Institute’s framemaker

Kirk Vuillemot: Art Institute of Chicago  Assistant Conservator for Preparation and Framing

Frame conservation. Picking the right frame to match artwork from centuries ago. The Art Institute of Chicago has an employee with the title of Assistant Conservator for Preparation and Framing. Kirk Vuillemot has been restoring and creating frames for the museum since 1986.

The Art Institute’s asked him five questions in their post post, “Meet the Staff: Kirk Vuillemot:

  • What path brought you to the Art Institute?
  • How often are you finding and conserving original frames and how often are you creating new frames?
  • Are there framemakers who are renowned for their work? Is there, for example, a Rembrandt of frames?
  • What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
  • Do you have a favorite frame? Or time period?

He gives insightful answers for each question. I’d love to read an entire book by him talking about various frame treatments. My wish is for Kirk to give a gallery tours, talking about frames in the Art Institute’s collection.

In the meantime until my framing dream has been fulfilled, here’s a couple more articles about Kirk and his work:

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  1. Matt Maldre March 15, 2018 at 9:00 am #

    Makes you wonder if you are a frame creator, what sort of frames would you have at home? Or maybe it’s one of those things where you do it so much at work, you don’t want to see work-related stuff at home.

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