The last Pay Day bar

Pay Day candy bars should go into vending machines, not Baby Ruth

A message I sent to a vending machine company:

We have a vending machine on the 3rd floor of the Tribune Tower in Chicago (435 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611). Almost every day I get a Pay Day bar. Sometimes twice a day! Today I hit D7 on the vending machine. My delicious Pay Day bar fell down to the drawer. As the coils turned to bring the next bar up to the front, in the D7 slot was Baby Ruth! What! In fact, an entire row of Baby Ruth bars are now standing in line to replace my beloved daily Pay Day bars. OMG. It’s like they a line of soldiers all standing there, pushing the last final Pay Day down to its final demise.

Please tell me that Baby Ruths are not replacing Pay Day.

Let the people speak up for the Pay Day candy bar!

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7 years ago
Reply to  Matt Maldre

Isn’t a Baby Ruth just a Milky Way with the caramel all screwy and nuts in the outer later?
You know what I don’t want? That.

I love Pay Day’s. Are the Sprees really outselling them enough that they get to stay?
You should suggest that they replace those Sprees with Whatchamacallits.

Fred Buttz
Fred Buttz
6 years ago

Love your site. On this one I have to say, you may be revealing you have way too much time on your hands!

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