Late nights, screams of young women, and…

Late nights, screams of young women...

… and guys with mohawks.

I missed my train home as it quietly circled over head on the elevated tracks in Chicago’s loop. Another 15 minutes would pass by until the next train would arrive just short of midnight.

A sudden cheer of a crowd of women echoes throughout the loop. Whaaaa? I crossed the street where a tour bus was standing alongside about thirty women cheering. I peeked over to see what the fuss was all about.

A young stylish man excited the side of the Chicago Theatre. The cheers grew more intense. Meh, just some musician. As I turn and walk away, a guy with a Mohawk meanders up with the same curiosity. I give him an unknowing shrug of the shoulders.

While crossing in front of the bus with “IL VOLO” printed on the side, a few women board with tired looks, as though saying, “geez, dude, i’m tired of the glam attention, let’s go home.”

Indeed, I’m tired of the train retention, let’s go home.

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