Least Valuable Player for every year


I want to make a baseball card collection of every season’s Least Valuable Player. This list comes from High Heat Stats

Lowest Non-Pitcher WAR (Baseball-Reference Version) By Season:

2011 Adam Dunn -3.0

2010 Nate McLouth -2.8

2009 Yuniesky Betancourt -2.4

2008 Jeff Franceour, Mike Jacobs, Jacques Jones and Jeff Keppinger -1.9

2007 Jermaine Dye -1.9

2006 Angel Berroa -1.9

2005 Tony Womack -2.5

2004 Marlon Byrd -2.4

2003 Jose Macias -2.1

2002 Neifi Perez -2.4

2001 Peter Bergeron -2.1

2000 Michael Barrett and Alex Gonzalez -2.1

1999 Willie McGee -2.9

1998 John Mabry -2.2

1997 Jose Guillen -3.4 (Jose was 7th in Rookie of the Year voting this season)

1996 Mike Kingery -2.1

1995 Andujar Cedeno -2.4

1994 Kim Batiste -2.1

1993 Dave McCarty -2.9

1992 Billy Hatcher -2.9

1991 Hensley Meulens -2.5

1990 Alfredo Griffin -2.5

1989 Pat Tabler -2.5

1988 Andres Thomas -2.0

1987 Jeff Reed and Juan Beniquez -1.7

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11 years ago

some of those names are really interesting.

Jermaine Dye, didn’t he have one of the best seasons in White Sox history?

Marlon Byrd, he was that bad? He was pretty good with the Cubs.

Neifi Perez, can we just name this award after him?

Willie McGee, he was always a fun player to watch.

Billy Hatcher, I remember watching his MLB game in 1986 on WGN when I was in sixth grade.

Willie McGee, he was always a fun player to watch. In the early 80s he had a weird elbow twitch that we would always imitate in wiffle ball.

Hensley Bam Bam Meulens, I was convinced he would be a super star in 1990 and I stocked up on his rookie cards of which I still have to this day. What are they worth now? 3 cents?

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