LEGO blocks as budding flower

Christoph Niemann writes

“When I work on my Sunday Sketches, it’s never about a sudden inspired spark. I pick a random object, and then I just stare at it. I look at it from different angles, play with the light (usually just by moving my desk lamp). And I try to open my mind as wide as possible, to see if a peculiar angle reminds me of a familar shape.

More often than not this yields… nothing.

And when it does, I doubt it’s because I have a special gift at making these visual connections. It’s because sometimes I have the stamina to keep on staring, when a saner person would do the reasonable thing and get on with their life instead.”

What a wonderful idea! The “growing” of the LEGO piece, but also the notion of having a Sunday Sketch series, looking at a familiar object and reinterpreting it.

I’ve been contemplating incorporating Synectics Trigger Questions into a daily routine. Every day would be one question. And I would observe things around me through that lens. For instance, one of the prompts is: “Transform your subject into an iconic object”. Now walk around and think of things around you through that prompt. The Synectics Trigger Questions has these 107 questions and prompts.

Niemann’s transformation of a LEGO block into a flower bud could be inspired by the transfer prompts.

  • Move subject into a new situation
  • Adapt, transpose, relocate, dislocate
  • Adapt subject to a different frame of reference
  • Move subject out of its normal environment
  • How subject can be converted, translated, transfigured?

Thank you to long-time Spudart reader Melissa Bauer for sharing this post by Christoph Niemann.

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