Lego destroys over 54,000 copies of LEGO products

Read the press release.

I can see how Lego must protect their market, but c’mon, really. It seems like such a waste. How about shipping these toys off to some 3rd world country where they can’t even afford toys? Actually, Legos are so expensive even people in 1st world countries can’t afford it. Hmmm, Lego, maybe the fact that people are offering a lower cost version of your product really says something about how you are charging too much.

I bet that these counterfeit Lego sets were even like the old school versions where you got just bricks. Remember that? Playing with just the simple bricks? Not the fancy weird shapes of toys nowadays.

And this press release has photos of the bulldozer running over the copy products, and then the copy products going through a big crusher. It’s almost as if Lego is getting some sort of sick perverted joy about of graphically presenting the destruction of these copy products.

Then you got a Lego representative saying, “Not only do Enlighten products copy our packaging down to the last detail, but they contain brick components of a poor quality. There was a serious risk that children would have cut themselves or otherwise come to harm if an Enlighten component had broken during the course of normal play.”

Yeah, yeah, blame it on the fact that you are trying to “protect” the children. “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

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