LEGO is sending minifigs to Jupiter

LEGO mini-statues of the mythological god Jupiter, left, his wife Juno, and the astronomer Galileo will be aboard the Mission Juno satellite.

Aboard NASA’s journey to Jupiter will be LEGO mini-statues of Jupiter, his wife Juno, and Galileo. Why? CNN reports, “LEGO is partnering with NASA to promote children’s interest in science, math, engineering and technology.”

Are they going to offer these minifigs to the public? If they want kids interest, they better offer these minifigs to us. I’d love to have a minifig replica of what’s sent to Jupiter. That would be so cool!

The comments on the CNN article are pretty typical. People are complaining about putting these minifigs on the trip. Here’s my comment to them:

I’d also like for the people with no imagination to open their minds to this. They are all freaked out about three little minifigs being tacked onto this mission. People, think bigger. NASA is doing this to get kids attention. The children are our future. To get kids excited about space exploration is huge. Don’t think of it as being silly. Think of it as being creative. Think of it as a very clever way to get kids involved.

Also, do you want to live in a world where there is no creativity?

What do you think about the LEGO minifigs being sent to Jupiter? Stupid? Fun? Creative? Ingenious?

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12 years ago

NASA is a rare and wonderful vestige of creativity and exploration. Our society sees creativity exclusively as a tool of entertainment. Our society refuses to understand the truly enriching and cultivating value of creativity beyond its skin-deep value. So people get very upset when they see tax dollars going to a creativity-supportive cause because they simply think its meant for entertainment.

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