Make your own Lichtenstein with the DotBot generator from the Art institute of Chicago

Make your own Lichtenstein using the DotBot generator at If you post your photo on the Art Institute of Chicago’s Facebook timeline, they will put your photo into their DotBot Self-Portraits album. Most people just shoot themselves making a funny face.


One person made a Ohh…Alright… drawing, and printed it out. And then I held it up to my webcam to make the DotBot. Here’s what turned out:

A Lichtenstein drawing made into a DotBot Lichtenstein

I’d have to say that Roy Lichtenstein did a better job of translating his sketches into halftone patterns than DotBot. But the DotBot generator is a fun way to get people involved with art.

It’s also rather rad seeing my submission appearing on the homepage of Art Institute’s Facebook.


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