MapMyIP: a new online game

Horizontal board game design titled 'Map My IP' featuring a tech-inspired background with a world map, circuit patterns, and IP address sequences. It includes exploration icons like binoculars and globes, and digital markers, with the game title in a central tech-style font, evoking digital and geographic discovery.

“MapMyIP” is an intriguing digital exploration game. Turn your IP address into an adventure! 🗺️ Find out where your digital footprint takes you on the map. It’s more than a game; it’s a journey into the heart of the internet.

It has three steps:

Step 1
Players begin by finding their own Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a unique number assigned to every device connected to the internet. This can be easily done through a website like

Step 2
Once players have their IP address, the next step is to discover its geographical location. Each IP address is associated with specific geo-coordinates, essentially linking your digital presence to a physical location on Earth. Find your coordinates, by clicking on IP address from step 1.

My IP address’s geo-coords are: 41.8758, -87.6206

Step 3
The final and most exciting step is to enter these coordinates into Google Maps. This action reveals the physical location associated with the player’s IP address. Players get to visually see and explore the location on the map, often leading to surprising and intriguing discoveries. It could be a bustling city, a remote area, or famous landmarks. The game turns the abstract concept of digital identity into a tangible, real-world exploration.

My IP address is located at Buckingham Fountain!

“MapMyIP” blends technology, geography, and the thrill of discovery. It’s a simple, educational, and fun way for people of all ages to connect their digital footprint with the physical world, offering a unique perspective on how our online activities are tied to real geographic locations.

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