When you want to go to the art museum, but have to grocery shopping instead

Want to visit the Art Institute of Chicago?—but wait—you are out of yogurt. That’s the dilemma I found myself in this afternoon. I wanted to visit some fine art, but I was out of fine yogurt.

Perhaps one can survive on art alone, but my body needs the protein of the Chobani Flip. Specifically Salted Caramel Crunch®. Maybe one of these days there will be a yogurt aisle in the Art Institute of Chicago. Until then, I headed to Mariano’s.

In lamentation, I tweeted my grief (using my @mattshealth account).
I’d like to go to the @artinstitutechi today during lunch, but instead I must stock up on yogurt from @MarianosMarket

Mariano’s liked my tweet. Since I had their attention I asked Mariano’s if they could provide me with an art experience at their store.

@MarianosMarket, can you provide me with an art experience at your Lakeside East location in Chicago?

Perhaps they would reply back about their piano player. However, in the four months of going to this Mariano’s location, there has been no person playing the piano by their doors.

While at the store, I was looking for something artsy. I KNOW! Soup cans! I’ll take a photo of soup cans, like they are Andy Warhol works of art. Sitting right on the shelf of my local Mariano’s!

A lady was standing right smack in front of the Campbell’s soup section. Bahh! Of all places for someone to stand, it’s right where I want to take a photo. So I killed time in other various sections of the store, picking up things I didn’t need like peanut butter filled pretzels, and microwave macaroni & cheese.

Going back to the soup aisle, the woman was STILL THERE. So then I found some vegetarian version of Pringle’s chips.

Went back to the soup aisle, and the woman WAS STILL STANDING THERE. Apparently this woman had the same idea as me. She was enjoying the fine art of the Cambell’s soup cans. And in this museum, you can touch and pick up the art!

Taking in the soup gallery, I found the most Andy Warhol-looking cans, the Tomato soup, aaaaaaall the way on the bottom of the shelf. Squatting down next to this lady, I snapped a quick photo of the Warhol installation, and I was outta there to tweet my pic to Mariano’s and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ahh, here we go—I feel like I’m in the Art Institute’s Modern Wing

Such a fun lunch—to combine two of my favorite things: Mariano’s and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Oh, and Mariano’s did reply back to my tweet. I was too engrossed with their Warhol exhibit, that I initially missed their response. They pointed out their locally-made greeting cards. NICE!

While we can't compete with @artinstitutechi, we do carry some lovely locally made cards in the card aisle by Printed Canvas! Thanks for shopping with us!

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