MAR 10 is MARIO day

Billboard saying "HAVE A SUPER MAR 10"

I saw on National Day Calendar that today is National Mario Day. Now I know why it’s on March 10.

Funny how National Day Calendar’s page doesn’t mention anything about how MAR 10 looks like MARIO. I love little word plays like this. It’s like May 4th being Star Wars day (aka “May the 4th be with you”)

How many other days have a play on words like this? I did a google search for: “March 10” “May 5” “Mario” “May the 5th”, but nothing really came up.

My webcomic has explored fun date formats. Like Palindrome Day, Day Savings, 2×8=16 day, 736th KiloDay, Shifted serial time calendar, and Happy New Week!

Webcomic about silly words to use in messages on a palindrome day
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Day savings
Day Savings

Today's date February 8, 2016 is 2x8=16
2×8=16 Day
Happy 736,000th day!
736th KiloDay

What if
Read the full webcomic: Shifted Serial Time Calendar

Happy New Week!
Read the full webcomic: Happy New Week!

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