Market mistakes with Jawas

The following is a story about me discovering a Star Wars card on eBay featuring a Jawa. I discovered later that this is a digital card, not a physical card. I wrote the story like I’m a Jawa getting hoodwinked by another Jawa.

Utinni! I so feeling sad and zapped, fellow Jawa! I thought hit the jackpot on eBay, but I ended up with a big mess of scrap.

So there I was, scrolling through the junk pile, and I spotted this shiny card.

Oh, how my eyes gleamed with excitement! It had Jawas on it, our favorite little scavengers. I had to get it.

But then, the nightmare, it was! I won the auction and finally looked at the loot. What do I see? The title, it had the cursed words “[Digital]” right there! I should’ve been more careful, but I was blinded by greed.

And then, the third image, it was a cruel slap in the goggles. Clear as a Tatooine day, it was showing this card was nothing but a bunch of ones and zeroes, not a real treasure like I thought.

At least I paid only 0.73 Imperial Credits for this digital dud.

Utinni! Me gotta tell ya, this card, it’s not just any old digital doodad. No, no! It’s labeled as “super rare,” whatever in the sandcrawler that’s supposed to mean. I thought maybe it’s got some kind of hidden value, like a busted droid with a few precious parts left.

Imagine my surprise when I realized it’s just a fancy way of saying it’s even more useless! It’s like calling a rusty gonk droid “super rare” because it’s got one leg left. “Super rare” my blaster! It’s just a fancy label to trick poor Jawas like me into parting with our hard-earned scrap.

I feel like I got hoodwinked by a fellow Jawa (well, not really, it was my own fault). Next time, I’ll make sure to double-check before buying. This Jawa won’t fall for this again.

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