Merging “mattmaldre” and “spudart”

Over the years, I’ve maintained two main social media identities: spudart and mattmaldre.

The distinction between Spudart and MattMaldre

Originally, spudart was intended for art-related content, while mattmaldre encompassed all aspects of life. However, I often found that art and life were intricately intertwined, leading to confusion about where to post certain content—mattmaldre or spudart.

Even back in 2007 when Twitter first emerged, people would follow both @mattmaldre and @spudart without realizing they belonged to the same person—a perplexing situation. I continued this dual-identity approach for 15 years, which, in retrospect, seems quite astonishing.

Contemplating the exclusive use of the “Spudart” handle

In today’s social media landscape, marked by Threads, BlueSky, and Mastodon, determining which platform to utilize has become increasingly complex, let alone maintaining distinct identities on each.

As a result, I’ve decided to streamline my presence by using only the “Spudart” handle across these platforms.

All my accounts for Spudart. Take your pick on which to follow

Juggling all these platforms can be quite a challenge. In the end, I believe BlueSky will prevail, as Threads is chaotic, inundating users with posts from accounts they don’t follow, while Mastodon proves to be confusing. BlueSky, on the other hand, seems to offer a more conventional experience.

Social platforms I don’t use much anymore

The social platform where I will not be posting anymore

I just can’t stand behind what Twitter (now X) has been doing with its service. It’s time to bail from it. But so many people I know are still on Twitter (and not other social networks). For now, I’ll continue at-reply people on Twitter, but I won’t make native tweets.

Replying with @spudart on Twitter will also be a little change for me, because normally I reply using @mattmaldre.

My uncertainties

I envision my Instagram account becoming a hodgepodge of random content, whereas I’d prefer Spudart to focus exclusively on art projects—a recipe for success on Instagram. However, my limited time and energy investment in Instagram make it challenging to curate a compelling account.

Truth be told, I’m not particularly fond of Instagram, so I’m less concerned about how my account appears there.

As for Facebook, my personal profile resides at, while I maintain a fan page for Spudart at Regrettably, my Spudart page on Facebook doesn’t receive much attention.

The entire situation remains quite perplexing.

The best place to follow me

The best place to follow what I’m doing is always my blog,

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Baseball trivia, baseball art, baseball scorecards

I will continue with a separate baseball-focused handle, 57hits.

There are barely any baseball people on BlueSky, Mastodon, and Threads. So. Sigh. I guess I’ll continue to use The best place to follow my baseball stuff is on my baseball blog at

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