Mindless eating is actually mindful eating

When eating cookies or chocolate, do you have just one or two pieces, or do you dive into the bag?

I’m a bag diver. If there’s a bag of chocolate in the house, it will be gone very soon. Especially if it’s a bag that is in my secret stash. I never intend to eat half the bag of M&M’s, it just kinda happens.

I’ll stand at the kitchen counter, stuffing my face with peanut butter M&M’s, thinking about stuff. It’s like food for the mind.

People normally call this “mindless eating”. But I call it “mindful eating”!

When I’m snacking and eating, my mind processes through various thoughts and ideas. It can be creative thoughts or trying to figure out a coding solution. The mindful eating might be mindless toward what i’m eating, but it’s mindful toward fueling what I’m thinking about.

The food brings me the energy. Hmmm. Actually, no, it’s not the energy from the food that drives the thinking. It’s the action of eating. Mindful eating functions more like getting ideas while in the shower.

Your body is relaxed doing one thing. Your mind is relaxed. Then the ideas start flowing. The shower brainstorms are just like the eating brainstorms.

When eating, your body is relaxed. Your mind is relaxed by the wonderful smooth taste of chocolate. Ahhhhhh…. and now… the brain is free to think and make associations.

Mindful eating.

Now what happened to the bag of Nilla wafers?

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