Modern artwork spoofs

The @museumhack Instagram account liked my recent ewok photo, so I checked out their account. It’s a lot of entertaining cheesy spoofs on modern artwork.

Things like Spider-Man sitting inside a Norman Rockwell painting.

A photo posted by Museum Hack (@museumhack) on

And Darth Vader’s head on an ancient greek sculpture.

A photo posted by Museum Hack (@museumhack) on

The photos get a fair amount of likes, about 300-700 per photo. However, going further back into their account, their older photos are simply interesting artwork in museums—no spoofs. And the like count drops down to 30-80 per photo.

Like a bronze helmet from the 7th century:

A photo posted by Museum Hack (@museumhack) on

And an 18th century landscape:

A photo posted by Museum Hack (@museumhack) on

It made me wonder if the natural progression of my in-museum artwork will follow the path of MuseumHack, where my work will become audience-pleasing spoofs.

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