Monster trophy, best trophy ever

Next time you want to reward one of your coworkers, here’s a fun customizable trophy for only $12. What a fun trophy! A superhero that looks kinda like the Incredible Hulk ripping his shirt off. ROOOOOAR! Award this to someone for something really mundane. “Yes! I achieved 15% electricity reduction this past week!

This trophy is so much fun for only $12! But wait, what’s the shipping? Hrmph $11. So that’s $23 total. A little much for a silly joke.

Use the monster trophy as a meme

Although the physical trophy would be incredible, sometimes you just want the quick joke. Just photoshop the text onto the plate! The website doesn’t automatically preview your text onto trophy, so I did a little mockup in Photoshop.

Imagine using this trophy as your next meme. If you want the layered PSD file let me know.

But if you really want to get your hands on the physical trophy, shipping is free on orders over $97. To get free shipping, you’ll need to order NINE of these monsters. Can you imagine having an army of nine of these trophies?

Here’s what that would sound like:
ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! You are surrounded by the roar of nine Hulk-like creatures ripping off their shirts in pure accomplishment.

Who is the Monster Victory Trophy anyways?

When my eyes first laid upon this masterpiece, I thought it was the Incredible Hulk. But his hair looks a bit more like Wolverine. Although he seems to be wearing some sort of superhero spandex. This fellow’s suit has a deep cut down the chest. Wolverine’s spandex doesn’t feature this cut.

You can’t avoid the Hulk shorts he’s wearing.

Most likely they are trying to be as close to the Hulk as possible without going into copyright infringements. OOH! since the artist is trying to avoid copyright infringement. That makes this its own UNIQUE superhero.


Well, actually his name would be “Monster Victory Trophy” per the listing. Save us, Monster Victory Trophy!

“Just call me — ‘Victor’ — thank you. Look at the giant V on my chest.”

Gotta love their product information:

Unleash your inner beast with a Monster Victory Trophy! Measuring almost seven inches tall, this silver and gold painted resin trophy has a nice, solid weight to it. Perfect for kids, this monster of an award comes with free and unlimited engraving. When you take advantage of our bulk discounts, you can buy one for all the monsters in your midst!

Heh, “Take advantage of our bulk discounts.” You know they had to really hold themselves back from saying, “Take advantage of our hulk discounts.”

Clues we can pull from their description:
• We know that Victor has an inner beast.
• He’s a a monster with gold skin.
• The bulk pun. This “bulk discounts” line is not used on their products.

Yeah, most likely he’s some form of a Hulk.

Female superhero trophy

They have another super hero trophy. Odd how it doesn’t show up in the “related products” section. But anyhow, check out this BIZARRE trophy.

Screenshot of Superhero Eagle Insert Trophy

They recommend putting some weird American Eagle sticker in the circle. Oooooook.

The “Oh No” medal

I have a feeling this 2020 medal didn’t sell very well.

Can you imagine winning a 2020 medal in 2021? It would be awarded as a last place medal. But wait, we actually have something designed specifically for last place finishers.

This toilet trophy

For the last place finisher.

Would it be possible to combine the Hulk trophy with the toilet trophy? Maybe it’s the Hulk really having a hard time on the toilet. Ooook. I’m done with this post now!

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