Moon Cheese for sale

We all know the Moon is made of cheese. Even the Chinese know, because they are going to the Moon to bring back its delicious cheese. The taste is so out of this world!

Why wait for the Chinese to mine more Moon Cheese? You can buy Moon Cheese straight from Amazon. This would make the perfect gift for someone who is both a space lover and who loves food, specifically cheese! Your friends, family members, and love ones will shriek in delight when they discover you went to the moon and back to get this this perfect delicious gift.

When you purchase Moon Cheese, feel free to print out this cheesy webcomic and include it with the gift.

Three different moon cheese gifts for outer space and food lovers


(Disclaimer: The Amazon links in this blog post are affiliate links, so I can make a few extra coins to help pay for a fraction of the cost to host this website. #CommissionsEarned)

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Peter Kreten
9 years ago

We should get some to try on Christmas

9 years ago

I like the idea of websites including free webcomics that you can print and include with gifts. very nice.

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