Finding more days to fly your American flag

stitched translucent american flag flying outside with autumn trees in background

We all love flying our American flag on the standard holidays like July 4th, Veterans Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. What if you could fly your flag on more days?

The American Flag Foundation lists 19 days to fly your flag


  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday – 3rd Monday in January
  • Inauguration Day – January 20


  • Lincoln’s Birthday – February 12
  • Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day) – 3rd Monday in February


  • None listed


  • Easter Sunday – Variable dates


  • Mother’s Day – 2nd Sunday in May
  • Armed Forces Day – 3rd Saturday in May
  • Memorial Day (half staff Until noon) – the last Monday in May


  • Flag Day – June 14


  • Independence Day – July 4
  • National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day – July 27


  • None listed


  • Labor Day – 1st Monday in September
  • Constitution Day – September 17


  • Columbus Day – 2nd Monday in October
  • Navy Day – October 27


  • Veterans Day – November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day – 4th Thursday in November


  • Christmas Day – December 25

Google Calendar with all the flag-flying days

This list by the American Flag Foundation is such a great list! I need to have these days in my calendar. So I made a Google Calendar specifically for flag-flying days. You can subscribe to the calendar with this iCal link. Or preview the calendar in the browser.

Each of the events has “Fly flag” at the start of the event’s name, so it specifically reminds you to fly the flag.

Photograph of Google Calendar on a computer screen. The only event on the calendar is November 11 "Fly Flag: Veteran's day"

I forgot to fly my USA flag yesterday for Veterans Day. We didn’t forget Veteran’s day. At the dinner table with our five-year-old and two-year-old, we talked about veterans. We did remember the day, but I didn’t remember to fly the American flag.

Now this calendar will tell me to “fly flag” on the exact days.

At some point I’ll also set up a task list to remind me the day before to set out our flag.

Are you looking for more days to fly your flag?

Maybe these 19 days aren’t enough. March and August have no flag holidays.

It would be fun to fly the American flag on the birthdays of past Presidents. We already do that for Lincoln and Washington. We have 46 presidents. That adds a lot of days to the list!

For instance, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday is on April 13th. It might be random to people that an American flag would be flying on April 13th. Maybe for the window near my flag, I need to devise a little decoration. It could be a portrait of the president hanging in the window. Around the portrait could say something like “April 13, 1743: Thomas Jefferson’s birthday”.

I could keep a stack of all the presidents’ window cards by our flag. Sorted by date. Man. That would be so much fun. On average there would be 3.8 presidents per month to celebrate.

If I do this, I’ll make a PDF available online for anyone to print at home. Imagine occasionally having a President’s head in your window by your American flag.

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2 years ago

The last flag I bought listed every last holiday you could ever think of on the package including Groundhog Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Father’s Day

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