What is the world record for most keys on a typewriter?

Photoshopped image of a typewriter with 675 keys

Imagine a typewriter where instead of letters and numbers, all the keys are emoji characters. Each key is its own emoji. The result would be a black and white line art emoji. That would mean someone would have to forge each emoji into metal. Someone has got to have done that, right?!

Which begs the question:

What is the world record for most keys on a typewriter?

Certainly someone has made a crazy typewriter with something like 500 keys. For reference, my roughly photoshopped image above has about 675 keys. (based from the original image photographed by Florian Klauer on unsplash). When you have 675 keys, you need 675 strikers. My photoshopped image does not have the 675 strikers. Which in a way, makes this image quite comical.

I asked the question on Quora. Hopefully some good answers are submitted. (Sidebit: when asking a question on Quora, you can no longer add a little bit of text under the question to clarify. You can only include a link that gives context. Hence I’m making a blog post about my question, so I can use it as the link)

After a very quick Google search, and I didn’t come up with anything for the most keys on a typewriter. All the results were about the history of the QWERTY keyboard, and the world’s fastest typists. Both interesting topics, but not answers to my question.

I’m looking for a total steampunk typewriter that is just overflowing with keys. It would be like the world’s biggest organ with layers and layers of keys.

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