Tennis rackets are legit weapons against Murder Hornets in Asia

murder hornet on tennis racket

How do you defeat the Asian Murder Hornet? Beekeepers in Asia use tennis rackets to defeat the Murder Hornet.

Scientific American takes a look at how Asia handles this monstrous hornet:

Beekeepers can help by installing entrance traps over the doorways of managed hives that have holes large enough for a bee to pass through but not a hornet. Beekeepers may also put out baited traps to lure the hornets to their death. “Beekeepers in Asia do use entrance traps,” says Jeff Pettis, former research leader at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s bee lab in Beltsville, Md. “Additionally, labor is often cheap, so some use mechanical means—most often tennis rackets, really—to swat the large hornets as they come to the hives.”

From “Just How Dangerous Is the ‘Murder Hornet’?” (Bolding mine.)

Get your tennis rackets ready! It makes sense. These hornets are HUGE. You wouldn’t want to use a little fly swatter. A tennis racket is a good large size to give you plenty of chance you knock that sucker out of the sky.

Someone on a Mixed Martial Arts forum said, “Still haven’t decided if it’s better to dual-wield tennis rackets or tape them together like Darth Maul.”

That would be fun. Have two tennis rackets taped together double-bladed lightsaber. Keep that in your backyard.

Whatever you attempt, do not run away from a Murder Hornet!

“The giant hornets are attracted to human sweat, alcohol and sweet flavors and smells,” CNN reported. “They are especially sensitive to when animals or people run.”

Oh man. If you see one, the natural reaction is to run way. But then, BAM! You cannot run from them. Seems like you have to slowly walk away. Or you might already have another tool in your arsenal. The almighty tennis racket.

Tennis racket image by Sven Mieke. Murder Hornet image from Wikimedia. Bad Photoshop job by me.

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