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A detail of Norman Rockwell's painting _Shadow Artist,_ which is in the personal collection of _Star Wars_ filmmaker George Lucas. (Smithsonian American Art Museum)

[LA Times, image via Smithsonian American Art Museum; a detail of Norman Rockwell’s painting “Shadow Artist” in George Lucas’s personal collection]

George Lucas wants to build a museum of inspiring art. This is so awesome! YES YES YES. I’m excited not because I’m a George Lucas fan, but rather I want to see an art museum of inspiring art. TOTALLY. Often I walk through art museums thinking that there is so much art online today that is so much more incredible than the stuff you see in art museums. Seriously.

We love the art in art museums for a couple reasons

1) Its place in art history.

2) We are familiar with the artwork from its use in popular media. Examples: Grant Wood’s American Gothic, anything Warhol, anything Picasso.

3) Some collector paid a bunch of money for the artwork. (ok, this might not be a reason, because I don’t care how much people pay for artwork, but some people do care. Some people think artwork is more important because it’s worth a lot of money).

But do you love the art for the art itself?

Strip away the familiarity. Strip away the historical significance. What do you have left? Look at the artwork by its own. Does that painting on its own really inspire you? In some cases yes. But take a look at artwork online. Take a gander through You will be inspired for the artwork on its own.


I’ve long wanted to see a museum show work just for the quality of the art itself. I’m excited to see someone making a Museum of Inspiring Art. Couple that with the vision that George Lucas has, and it looks like we have a winner on our hands.

Just as George Lucas was able to innovate the movie and licensing industry, it looks like he might innovate the art world.

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