My desire to get a handful of Kobo pennies

%%title%% One thousand Nigerian kobo pennies is worth six cents. Why is it so hard to be able to buy a handful of Nigerian kobos? They are worthless. A few years ago I expressed a desire to have a penny from every world currency. Wouldn’t that rock?

For now I will focus on the Nigerian Kobo. At work we publish eBooks. There’s an eBook reader called the Kobo. I think it would be hilarious to give each of my team members a kobo. (I made a funny blog post on my digital publishing blog about how 1,000 Kobos equals six cents.) There’s an eBay auction is selling 18 Kobos for $0.99 with $4.99 shipping. That’s way too much. For six bucks, I should be getting 100,000 of the coins!

Do you think i can email someone in Nigeria asking him to mail me one thousand kobos? It would be like a reverse spam email. Instead of someone in Nigeria asking me for money, I would be asking someone in Nigeria to mail me money. Someone over there has gotta do it. They are all about mailing money, right?

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