What’s in your pencil cup?

Here’s a fun project you can do. Take a photo of what is inside your pencil cup. Tag it on social media with #mypencilcup. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr)

Every year I’ll photograph what’s in my pencil cup.

For 2022, my pencil cup has (from left to right):

  • Blackwing pencils: I use Blackwing to do my baseball scorecards and Bible annotation. Yeah, I have pencil caps for my pencils. And a little random animal cling guy.
  • A stylus: when I write on our iPad. Some days I’ll write the YouVersion verse of the day on the iPad.
  • Kuru Toga mechanical pencils: these are interesting, because the graphite rotates while you write, so you don’t end up with that typical “chisel” that mechanical pencils get.
  • Uni-ball micro pens: I like the way the ink writes
  • Lots of Sharpies: Why I have so many thick Sharpies in my pencil cup, I don’t know. Yet I have only one thin Sharpie.

This photo was taken for a comment on Phthursday Musings’ Substack post: Dropping Markers.

March 30th is National Pencil Day, so I’ll update this post every year on March 30th. I’m penciling the day into my calendar as a reminder.

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