My tulips banned on Reddit

To be fair, it wasn’t my tulips that were banned. It was my self-promotion. Let me explain.

Today I wrote a really nice positive post about how the tulips are blossoming in Chicago now. The vibe is totally happy and celebratory. Let’s share that joy with others! I posted a link to Reddit’s r/Chicago group.

tulips on chicago reddit

For the first thirty minutes, it got nine upvotes. And then it got banned.

Tulips banned on Chicago reddit

Yes, their rules clearly state that if you are going to post links to your own site, you need to also post links to other sites. I get it. It makes sense.

But this makes me want to never use r/chicago. I know that’s stupid. But it’s how I’m feeling right now.

I haven’t used Reddit in a while. This sharing of beautiful tulips was kind of the gateway for me to get back into the Chicago subreddit. I just started using it again today with excitement.

And now this makes me feel like, “No, you don’t belong. We don’t want your posts. You suck. Leave.”

Rationally, I know that’s not what it is, but that’s how I feel.

The moderaters have to moderate, so they are moderating. I understand. Nobody wants the board to be full of self-promotion.

And yes, that is what I was doing. Posting a link to my site. So I’ll take that as a lesson and post more links. Take the positive from this. To become a more engaged member of this subreddit. That’s a good thing.

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