Naming your trees after U.S. Presidents

I love buying silly postcards on eBay. Here’s a postcard of a tree named Roosevelt. Makes me want to name all the trees in my yard after U.S. Presidents.

Now, who shall I mail this postcard to? Maybe someone with a tree. The postcard could declare the name of the tree in front of their house.

Maybe when I receive this postcard from the eBay seller, I’ll post on Facebook asking who wants me to name their tree after a president. First response will get the postcard from me. If there are multiple requests maybe I’ll go hunting on eBay for more tree postcards. (as long as they are under $1.50).

Methods used to name a tree after a U.S. President:

  • The year the tree was planted could correspond to the President currently in office at the time.
  • The species of the tree could have an alliteration with a President’s name. Madison Maple. Biden Birch.
  • A tree species unique to a particular area would have a President from that area. (Can’t think of any now).
  • A president known for being from a particular state could use the name of the official state tree. e.g. Abraham Lincoln is known for being from Illinois. The state tree of Illinois is the White Oak. Thus, any White Oak would be called a “Lincoln”.
  • A President’s favorite or commemorative tree. MyGardenLife has a nice list. Here’s the summary:
John Quincy AdamsAmerican Elm1826
Andrew JacksonSouthern Magnolia1829
Franklin D. RooseveltWhite Oak1935
John F. Kennedy’Katherine’ Crabapple1961
Lyndon B. JohnsonWillow Oak1964
Jimmy CarterCedar of Lebanon1978
George H. BushLittleleaf Linden1991
Bill ClintonWhite Dogwood1996
George W. Bush’Cherokee Princess’ Flowering Dogwood2008
Barack ObamaLittleleaf Linden2009

Hmmm. I might need to make a spreadsheet of all these different president-tree connections.

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